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Information Posted on the Media

Information Posted on the Media


OdekakeCafe 8
(Ryuukouhassin Co.,LTD)

"Recommended shop catalog of Cafe · Suites · Pan , Café[Nagoya]"


"COFFEE SHOP ADDRESS I want to go with you"

Coffee Complete
(Ei Publishing Co Ltd.,)

"COE winning bean handling shop"

(Gain Corporation)
September, 2017

"Comfa Hikari" Wifi kun reports a professional technique that is too delicious! Fall that tastes "the best in local"

OdekakeCafe 7
(Ryuukouhassin Co.,LTD)

Taste the important feelings of shopkeepers. OdekakeCafe


LEE 100 people nationwide carefully selected! "My best coffee shop"

(Ryuukouhassin Co.,LTD)

Even at shops and at home you can taste authentic flavor Let's go to a tea & coffee specialty store in Tenpaku

Coffee Joshi
(Assahiya publishing Co.,LTD)

Find your taste

FLOT vol.14
(Ryuukouhassin Co.,LTD)

A relieved breath.Not Cafe Man's coffee shop

(Pia Co., Ltd. Chubu branch office/Pia Co., Ltd. head office)

200 items of "delicious gift" in the Tokai area pleasant to receive and gifted

cafe sweets vol.180
(Shibatashoten Co., Ltd.)

Comparing and verifying the taste creation of bean-selling specialty stores
Roosters Guide 2017

(Gain Corporation)
*Posted information as of July 2016

Search by Area Delicious CAFE guide in the Tokai area (Nagoya)

(KADOKAWA Corporation)

Special Issue "10 keywords to know about coffee now"

Showa Furimo (Chuko K.K.)
April, 2016

Special Cover Story "The Supreme Roast Technique born in Showa-ku"

(Ryukohashin Co., Ltd.)

If you know before drinking, you can enjoy more
Delicious talk of coffee

Tokai Walker (KADOKAWA)
Combined Edition of December, 2015 and January, 2016

Special Issue "Hand-Drip Coffee: Lecture of Hand-Drip given by popular cafes and shop-roast beans shops"

Cafe & Restaurant (Asahiya Publishing Co.,Ltd.)
December, 2015

Special Issue: "Tokai Best Hit! Here comes the new wave to the specialty coffees! Third-wave Coffee"


KELLy monthly (Gain Co. Ltd.)
December, 2015

Special Issue "ENJOY EATING! ENJOY TOWN! Navigation through the street for good tastes fascinating us."

N:BOOK (Kotsu-Times Co. Ltd.)
published 24th November, 2015

Special Issue "THE NEWEST ADDRESS 33 -New shops making our Nagoya-life more Enjoyable"

Tokai Walker (KADOKAWA)
October, 2015

Special Issue "Gourmet Breads & Coffees"

October, 2015

Special Issue "Coffee and Books are always at my Side"

Odekake Cafe 5 (Ryukou Tsuushin Co. Ltd.)
September, 2015

Special Issue "Let's taste Specialty Coffee"

Oggi (Shogakukan)
June 2015

Special Issue "Today's Special! Calendar this month" GOLPIE COFFEE was featured in the "Oggi, June Edition" currently available in bookstores.
"Oggi" is a fashion magazine for working women, published by Shogakukan.
GOLPIE COFFEE is featured in the special issue of "What shall we do, where shall we go this month? Bun, the novice editor, recommends arbitrarily with prejudice, 'Today's Special! Calendar.'"

KELLy monthly (Gain Co. Ltd.)
June 2015

Special Issue "Coffees are moving towards the Third Wave"
GOLPIE COFFEE was featured in the "KELLY monthly June Edition" published this month.
Nagoya's magazine "Sophisticating yourself as a Woman."
GOLPIE COFFEE was featured in the special article "Here comes the New Cafe Culture! Coffees are moving towards the Third Wave."

OtonanoNagoya (CCC Media House)
published on 30th March, 2015

Special Issue "Committee Improving Joy of Adults -the time when there is a Coffee"
GOLPIE COFFEE was featured in the "OtonanoNagoya vol.30" published this week by CCC Media House Co. Ltd.
The magazine "OtonanoNagoya" is supplying inforamation about quality restraunts and gourmet around Nagoya
GOLPIE COFFEE is featured in the special issue "Committee Improving Joy of Adults -the time when there is a Coffee" in the edition for this month.

Cheek (Ryukou Tsuushin Co. Ltd.)
March, 2015

Special Issue "Supreme Bread, Excellent Coffee, and Beloved Sweets"
GOLPIE COFFEE was introduced in the "Cheek, March Edition," proposing new trends in the three prefectures in the Tokai area, published this week.
The theme of the edition for this month is
"Supreme Bread, Excellent Coffee, and Beloved Sweets."
We GOLPIE COFFEE was featured as one of the specialty coffee house.

Showa Furimo (Chukou Co. Ltd.)
February, 2015

It was introduced as a shop that newly opened in Showa-ku, Nagoya.
GOLPIE COFFEE was introduced as one of the shops that newly opened in the Showa-ku, Nagoya, in the life information magazine "Showa Furimo, Febrary Edition," closely connected to the Nagoya area.


  • 2015/12/22 Tokai TV "Switch!" in the corner of "Koreari"
  • 2015/11/12 Tokai TV "News for Everyone -One-"
  • 2015/02/01 NHK Nagoya "Hot Evening" Special "Third-Wave Coffee"


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