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What GOLPIE COFFEE thinks 'Delicious Coffee

For your precious moment
The coffee beans carefully grown by the farmers are
roasted tasty
We can show all of them to you,
because they are natural process keenly managed.

We visit to the coffee farms all over the world to see the coffee beans growing with full affection of the farmers.
It is rather going to be trusted their precious treasure, than the achievement of the work.
We feel the atmosphere and everything around the circumstance, to imagine how we should roast them to make its taste optimum.
Since they are all grown with care, we just process them so that their characteristics may be fully extracted when they are served to the customers.
We can show it to you because it is quite simple.

Coffee beans are agricultural products.
They are fresh and tasty when they are fresh from roaster, fresh from grinder, like all other foods.
Just like your mind is moved by the fresh dishes prepared carefully,
it is our desire to deliver a priceless moment with the coffee from GOLPIE COFFEE, taking good care of the beans examined carefully.

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